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ordered food at 6.15,after 1hr food still not arrived,phoned shop(we only live 2miles from shop)we were told the food had already left 25mins ago.Left it till 7.45 and told them to turned up at 8pm.they took food away.

Randall, 23 Jan 2021


Kirbi, 23 Jan 2021

Food very nice and hot

Andrew, 10 Jan 2021

  Reply : 1Thanks very much Andrew

Always lovely food highly recommended

Maxine, 02 Jan 2021

  Reply : Maxine thanks for review. Have a good new year Royal Dynastyap

Food is always delicious, hot and fresh. Best Chinese in Norwich by far. Royal Dynasty is my go to whenever anyone mentions Chinese!

Tom, 28 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thanks Tom Happy New Yearl?to to ?00ppp

Very nice

Sarah, 22 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thank you Happy Xmas

Highly recommended

Cheryl, 18 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thanks very much All the Best of every thing

Good tasting food as usual. Thank you - Chicken balls a little overcooked tonight though - Oh, and thank you for the three chips included in with the Chicken Balls....

Mark, 09 Dec 2020

  Reply : Mark thanks for your review Also the tad of humour of chips Thanks Royal Dynasty

Great food. Very reliable.

Stephanie, 12 Nov 2020

  Reply : Thanks for the review Stephanie

Always nice food but this time the egg fried rice had a burnt taste to it, ruined the rice all together

Sarah, 07 Nov 2020

  Reply : Sarah thanks for review. Your comments noted . Royal Dynasty

Always happy with our order

Liam, 04 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thanks for your review Royal Dynasty

Great food and service

Maxine, 23 Sep 2020

  Reply : Maxine thanks for your review Glad you enjoyed the food and the

Very nice but didn’t arrive on time

Crystal, 22 Sep 2020

  Reply : Sorry for delay in deliver time and thanks for comment on food

Love the restaurant and the food, quick service every time

Terry, 11 Sep 2020

  Reply : Thanks very much for your review Terry

Loved the crispy chilli beef, chicken skewers & rice. More meat in the special chow mien would be good. 30 mins late but did apologise. Enjoyed the free prawn crackers. Good price & items on the menu not found at other takeaways.

Karen, 29 Aug 2020

  Reply : Karen thanks for your review. Glad food to your liking and as of now an apology for a behind delivery time. Royal Dinasty

In the top 3 chinese's in Norwich

Ryan, 11 Aug 2020

  Reply : Ryan thanks for review also the ranking of Royal Dynasty. Thanks from Royal Dynasty

Would never go anywhere else as the food here is always amazing, hot and quick.

Caroline, 08 Aug 2020

  Reply : Caroline. Thanks for your review and your comments Thanks Royal Dynasty

Good food

Cheryl, 04 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks for your review on food from Royal Dynasty

Great food

Cheryl, 04 Jul 2020

  Reply : Cheryl thanks for your review on food from RoyalDynasty

Very nice

Michael, 12 May 2020

  Reply : Michael thanks for your review

Brilliant food and service

Charlotte, 11 May 2020

  Reply : Charlotte Thanks for your kind review

Little bit over an hour, but do you know what? It's Saturday night during a lockdown so, fair enough! Obviously the main thing is that the food was really good. Haven't had a Thai Green Curry that tasty for a long time. Blew my head off :)

Bethany, 09 May 2020

  Reply : Thanks a lot

Very polite

Kathleen, 07 May 2020

  Reply : Kathleen thank you

Took the money and accepted the order but never Delivered. couldn’t get through on the phone and couldn’t get a refund

Jimmy, 25 Apr 2020

Our order was not delivered but money taken!!!!!

Kathryn, 25 Apr 2020

  Reply : Kathryn sorry. Will return money

Over 2 hours for an order for 2 persons, longest ever had to wait, don't use virus as excuse as when order placed 1 hour delivery time given, duck was half cooked, rice hard, will place this service on social media. Keep Safe.

Michael Parker, 24 Apr 2020